Hundreds of European boys and girls inundated the Morasha division of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe with messages of thanks and appreciation for the array of activities sent to them during the month of Kislev.

Division coordinators. Mrs. Penini Weber and Ms. Nechami Miara, noted that the warm responses came from boys and girls, as well as Rebbetzins who run the Sunday Schools and the Morasha children’s program, which has nearly 50 branches throughout Europe.

The Kislev activity “Island of Light” was an animated video presentation accompanied by quizzes and a contest on the material. Other activities including building a kosher Chanukah menorah, games, the study of halachot through the holiday story, a 4-station display of Chanukah customs and the story of the miracle of oil.

The children amazed the judges with their extensive knowledge ending in a close competition. The winners were members of the branches in Sofia, Bulgaria, Larnaca, Cyprus and Bratislava.

The pandemic has given rise for the need to create and produce tailor-made activities for a wide range of youth. Much thought and effort have been invested in activities for a variety of ages that are both fun and educational. The children who thoroughly enjoyed the Cheshvan activities asked for more to be sent in Kislev.

Professionals were recruited for the task and a series of activities were designed to teach and entertain the children in an engaging way.

Thousands of children across Europe were fascinated by the activities, and both parents and children expressed their praise and gratitude for the RCE’s efforts.