As part of the Rabbinical Center of Europe activities provide spiritual support to all Jewish Rabbis and their communities throughout the continent of Europe, the RCE’s Morasha division is run under the leadership of the RCE’s Deputy Director General, Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker, focusing on the issues of children’s education. Almost every community in Europe invests many hours striving to educate Jewish children who want to hear and learn about their Jewishness. The fact is well known that without a well-established Jewish identity, the future of Jewish children is at risk. The RCE decided to create a monthly activity kit for children in European communities as high standard entertainment.

Each month, the RCE distributes an educational activity kit that includes material suitable for various children’s groups dealing with a Jewish event that month. The kit has visual material, a video, handouts for each participant, worksheets and invites for the activity. Children who can read Hebrew have the ‘Hebrew corner’ on the worksheets.

This year, a cast of characters enriched the kids on topics taught at that meeting:       SMARTY – Tells the children a story from Jewish history related to the subject. Globey – teaches the children basic Hebrew words and tools. Ruby -Widen horizons. Shlomy – Will challenge the kids in an exciting game. Funny – Make them laugh with a joke.

A banner is attached to accompany the children throughout the year. In addition is Hebrew Corner banner is attached and accessories are added ion it throughout the year.

The kit focuses on children aged of 6 to 12, but the professional program is organized in a way to provide adjustments for additional age groups. Editors are: Ms. Naama Oishi of the from Kaluga Russia, and Ms. Mushka Mendelsohn of the city of Batumi, Georgia.

The RCE supervises the distribution intended for European communities, but reality proves that distribution is much broader and reaches almost everywhere, due to the fact that the kits are professionally translated into Hebrew, English, German, Russian, French and Spanish causing the kits to be incredibly successful. Miss Nechami Miara is in charge of ongoing sales and marketing management.

The kits are tailored according to the various Jewish events for each month it includes an instruction guide, all the accessories and additional aids. They are designed to activate individually by and teachers or Communal rabbis and Rebbetzins of various. The materials for the workshops are distributed in the European Communities with the help of a ‘Keren Meromim’, and provide all the needs for the facilitator.