The RCE has a unique flag project of constructing and renovating European Mehadrin Mikvahs in remote cities and places throughout the continent.

While large, well-established Jewish communities throughout Europe have proper up to date Mikvahs – many Jewish communities exist in various parts of Europe have no Mikvahs at all, forces the women of the community to travel a few hundred miles away for this important Mitzvah. In some communities, the mikvah structure used by the local community is neglected and does not meet the halakhic requirements, due to the many years of desertion.

The RCE has a special Mikvah department, striving to provide all the tools needed to build a Mehadrin mikveh. The assistance begins from professional consultation and guidance during the planning and construction of the mikveh, continuing with solving halachic and technical problems during the process, and to financial assistance in construction.

The Mikvah Division, lead by Rabbi Yisrael Ya’akov Lichtenstein, is part of the RCE’s board of directors, headed by RCE”S Deputy Director General  Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker, visits the various communities throughout Europe every year to personally inspect the status of the mikvahs at each site from the ‘pit’ in the mikvah as well as the filling pits, the way the water runs and the rainwater, Each inspection defines the needs of the specific community as to what is in order and what needs to be improved.

After an In-depth investigation of the situation in the various communities, RCE set itself a goal to involve the members of the various communities in the organization’s activities. As part of this, it was decided that aid for the construction of mikvah will be a maximum of fifty percent to the total amount while members of the local community will finance the remaining fifty percent.

With the help of the Meromim Foundation, which is managed by Rabbi Ben-Zion Lipsker of Petersburg, the “Rabbinical Center of Europe” provided assistance for the construction and renovation of 70 mikvahs throughout Europe, totaling four million euros.

The building and renovation of the mikvahs is carried out with the assistance of a Mikvah specialist supervisor, an RCE staff member, in accordance with all the halakhic mikvah laws. During construction or renovation, Rabbis from the RCE are sent to the area, to ensure that the building plan is completely according to the plan.

The RCE puts much effort and care into the continuous supervision of the mikvah’s complete upkeep to comply with all halakhic rules. The mikvah division of the RCE provides training courses for the rabbis of the Jewish communities throughout Europe, where the rabbis receive all the instruction required for Mikvah maintenance through Halacha. Acting as a maintenance administrator, once a year, the organization conducts an overseer survey with a special supervisor taking care to check all the details and see that things are being implemented per all halakhic rules.