The Summer program is properly designed for activating a Day -Camp at home.

The program includes 2 activities per day, and is divided into 10 basic Jewish concepts such as Love Your Fellow Jew, Honoring Parents, Charity and more.

Mrs. Mushi Mendelzon has created and developed the activity kits and says that the summer program specializes in presenting a stress- free and pampering atmosphere as the facilitators do not have to prepare anything. ” All of our kits provide a complete program, and the virtual summer program kit is likewise complete. The kit includes a Camp Anthem, Karaoke, and attached accessories for the participants, keeping them busy every day.”

The Theme for the Month of Tamuz is an Apartment Building where the children get to meet a new neighbor every day.

The kit is translated into 5 languages: Hebrew, English, French, Russian and German. The Facilitator has all the accessories translated. The activities are virtual and can be activated through Zoom accompanied by a presentation thus providing camp throughout the day.

A lot of thought has been put into the kit so that the children will not be confined to the computer but also actually get up and perform a variety of activities while learning excitingly plus creating minimal effort for the leader.

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