The Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE) was founded in 2000, in response to requests from community rabbis from across the European continent and at the directive of leading Rabbanim, shlit”a. The RCE’s leadership is its Rabbinical Council, which guides its policies and is the basis of its authority. The organization has gained a reputation for being a source of assistance to which Europe’s rabbis can turn for every challenge they encounter, to help them deal with all questions and issues relating to Jewish communities throughout Europe.

The RCE’s principal objective is to extend the reach of Torah and kedushah throughout Europe, and to be an ever-present support system for the community rabbis there; it aims to strengthen the spiritual infrastructure of Europe’s Jewish communities, which will bolster the rabbis’ influence, each in his respective congregation.

As befits an organization such as this, the RCE’s central offices are located in the heart of the European Union building complex. This gives the RCE the optimum capacity to reach communities in every corner of the Continent, offering a wide array of rabbinical services. When the RCE offices receive a request for assistance, advice or guidance, that request is forwarded directly to the appropriate division, where it is dealt with quickly – in most cases immediately.

Rabbis from all branches of Torah Judaism turn to the RCE for its services. They know that they can count on the RCE to help them in every matter pertaining to the Jewish community and Jewish life.