The Rabbinical Center of Europe (RCE) was established in 2000 as per request of many European community Rabbis and the ruling of High-ranking Rabbis.

The RCE leaders are the Board of Directors and members of the council, composed of all types of Jewish backgrounds in Europe.  The Rabbis turn to the RCE for support and guidance for various Jewish communities from all circles.

Supporting European Rabbis 24/7 with aid and assistance in all areas rates top priority by the RCE. As a major European Jewish organization, the RCE represents all of the rabbis and stand by their side through every struggle, approval, backing, or referral they need to deal with the authorities. Another crucial aspect of support provided nonstop is solving the halachic issues for European Rabbis. Questions are referred to Gedolim in Israel and taken care of with quick and detailed response.

Immediately upon inauguration, the RCE focused on a number of major aspects. Conferences and Seminars – Halachic Courses in Europe, (such as: Wedding ceremonies, Chevra Kadisha, Funerals, Shatanez education, Maintaining and inspecting Mikvahs – much needed overseas, family purity and more). Professional training courses: (crisis management in the community, financial crises, Organizational consulting, and so on) all essential for the complex life the rabbis lead. In addition, significant annual conferences take place every year in a selected country.

The RCE offices locate in the heart of the European Union, controlling vast areas of extensive support and assistance to Jewish communities in Europe. The multifold appeals are transferred to appropriate divisions, each of which deals with a unique field.  The RCE operates a branch in Jerusalem, Israel.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin serves as the chairman of the RCE. He manages all the organization’s diplomatic and government related matters. Rabbi Margolin is a well-known and recognized figure in all of the European governments. As he toils day after day in court appeals or lobbying parliament members, the Rabbi is immersed in combatting many Public, Legal or Political issues.   His top priority is to ensure freedom of religion for Jews in Europe. Baruch Hashem Rabbi Margolin has aced many projects in the past years and      his vision is to continue emancipating future discrimination while upgrading what exists at the present, top reach prosperity and tranquility for Jews in Europe based on their religion, heritage and faith.

Besides being the Director General of the RCE, Rabbi Arie Goldberg retains vast educational experience, as he was a Mshgiach Ruchani in Yeshivat “Torat Emet”. Many of his former students can be seen participating in RCE conferences or Seminars throughout Europe. Rabbi Goldberg, together with his staff, keeps contact with the European Community Rabbis on a daily basis.

RCE’s Deputy Director General and head of the “Morasha” division Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker is the mastermind behind the Jewish educational programs for children, the aspiring spirit activating the incredible week long  Bar/Bat Mitzvah Journey to Israel for over 12 years  where teenage Jewish European youth are exposed to their  legacy after months of learning relevant  topics with their Community Rabbis who accompany the youths throughout the entire trip. In addition, Rabbi Bainhaker is also responsible for the organization’s operations.

Rabbi Avraham Abba Torezki, the Secretary of the Rabbinical Council of Europe, is the channel for all the Halachic questions referred from Europe. He transfers them to the RCE Rabbis, receives the response and returns them to the European Rabbis.

For many years he has also served as the link between the RCE Rabbis and the Israel and Worldwide Gedolim, whose doors are open to him. Hundreds of important and sensitive questions in the Jewish world were passed on by Torah scholars to Europe as well as the answers, including the concentration of topics to be discussed at conferences and seminars organized by the RCE, as well as the professional training provided by the RCE.


The RCE Kashrut (EK) division is led by Rabbi Yosef Minsky. For over 30 years his experience and worldwide expertise generates constant improvement and development of Kosher food for the   benefit of European Rabbis at any destination. He is widely recognized by Gedolim and owners of major food factories.

Rabbi Eliezer Shulman is in charge of the RCE’s speakers and publicity system, and who brings the RCE organization, its departments and its operations – to the masses and social media across Europe and beyond. At the same time, the RCE is assisted by professional marketing and media consultants from the best in the industry.