Hundreds of Rabbi’s children in Europe participated in a list of specialized activities during the months of Cheshvan, Kislev and Tevet. All the activities were on ZOOM and initiated and produced by ” MORASHA” and administrated by Miss Nechami Miara.


An incredible amount of thought was put into brainstorming ways to present activities that are entertaining yet educational for a wide age gap. The refined activities that appeared close to the High Holidays left a taste for more in the children’s hearts, as they asked when the next show will be. Top range professionals were recruited for the project compiling a series of activities produced for children. Mrs. Naama Oishi assisted in the technical aspect.


On Erev Rosh Chodesh, the children were entertained by the Chassidic singer Simcha Friedman who energized the listeners for an hour with a quiz, stories connected to Chasidic dates, nigunim and lots of fun.


The master magician Asaf Salomon appeared for the children on Erev Rosh Chodesh Tevet as he amazed the onlookers with breathtaking acts while having the children participate. For over an hour and a half the children were thrilled with the creative and challenging program titled ” This month we are out of the box”, that included telepathy and an interactive game thinking out of the box. In addition, the children partook in a quiz, and at the end a “Channukah Wizard’ was crowned.

The tailored-for-youth activities fascinated thousands of children throughout Europe aa children and parents shared feedback full of praise.


The ‘Morasha’ division has also distributed virtual activity kits throughout Europe for the months of Cheshvan, Kislev and Tevet.


The children were thrilled with the Kislev activity kit ” Lighting Speed” as it presented plenty of activities set up into four workshops, facilitated by the Rebbetzins and Community Rabbis of the various Jewish communities.


The first session included the miracle of Chanukah. The children viewed a multimedia video interacting with Holiday contests, concluding with completing car part puzzle.


The second session was dedicated to the miracle of the oil. The children collected parts of the pure olive oil bottle seal, in a extremely challenging oil jug game.


What makes a kosher Menorah? When do we light the Menorah? These are some of the many Chanukah topics introduced to the children in the third session besides the construction of the illuminating car.


As Channukah came to an end, the fourth session was produced as a Channukah happening that included extensive collection of contests pertaining to the traditions and holiday themes.


As the month of Tevet approaches, a kit termed ” Discover the World” was dispatched with the framework of children travelling around the world in virtual reality. They are to experience new Jewish content everywhere they travel.


The children will travel to Italy in the first session and learn about washing Netilat Yadayim. When do we wash? How many times? What Bracha do we recite and many other matters.

During the second session the children will travel to the Land of Israel and see the siege on Jerusalem and what is the meaning of Asara Bitevet.

France is the third session’s destination as they will learn about the synagogue and sacred articles.

The concluding session will be in America where the children will learn about monumental events in a Jew’s life.


The Morasha division of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe created a monthly educational children’s activity kit to provide a spiritual capsule for the community Rabbis throughout Europe. The leaders of the communities deal many long hours with Jewish children who thirst for Jewish tradition and knowledge about their heritage. Without any rooted Jewish identity, the future of the Jewish children in Europe is endangered These kits supply the appropriate level and quality the children need besides their fun and entertainment.


Skilled staff translated the materials into different languages (English, Hebrew, French, German, and Russian). The professional team led by Mrs. Naama Oishi and Mrs. Mushi Mendelson put much effort into the various content to put together a workshop fit for the Jewish children in the diaspora.


The kits are utilized by thousands of children at all ages in Sunday School, Jewish elementary schools and at educational events, organized by Jewish community Rebbetzins and Rabbis throughout Europe. The kits appear in English, Hebrew, French, Russian and German.