“The Chief Rabbinate of Israel will include chametz of Jews in the Diaspora who are not aware of the Chametz sale contract, as per request of the European Rabbis” the Chief Rabbi of Israel and Head of the Great Beit Din Rabbi David Lau revealed this week during the class he gave as part of the RCE’S Shiurim channel. Proudly, he praised the initiative of the “Rabbinical Centre of Europe” leaders to provide the translation of the European Jewish community chametz sale in: English, French and Hebrew online.

During the past year, as the deadly pandemic attacked the world, there wasn’t an option to hold professional conferences and seminars for rabbis across Europe. Still, the ” Rabbinical Centre of Europe” held dozens of online halachic classes on a variety of topics. Hundreds of rabbis and Dayanim across Europe actively participated in the classes. Amongst the classes was a daily Halachic shiur Series presented on different channels of the “Rabbinical Centre of Europe” in memory of Rabbi Binyamin Wolf O.B.M. who served as the Shaliach Chabad in Hanover Germany.

With Nissan approaching and as every year, many practical Halachic questions arise, Rabbi Lau gave a shiur in practical Halacha on the topic of Erev Pesach that falls on Shabbat. During the Shiur, Rabbi Lau answered many questions referred to him. Among other things, the issue of selling chametz to a non-Jew also came up. Rabbi Lau consented to the rabbis’ request and promised that on the text of the chametz sale contract appointed by the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, it will also include a clause stating that the sale will also apply to every Jew who has chametz in the Diaspora!

This announcement provoked a lively halachic discourse for a quite a while enabling rabbis to clarify many halachic details.