Just minutes after the Shavuot children’s quiz began, R’ Ami Maimon stopped and said to the children as he brimmed with admiration, “You are very smart and know quite a lot. Time to quiz you on a higher level.” Eventually, some of the riddles became very difficult, yet the children continued to solve them with vitality. “Wow, you’re really, really good,” the radio man concluded. It was an quite an awesome experience.

Hundreds of children, sons and daughters of rabbis and shluchim from all over Europe participated in a series of customized activities that took place during the months of Iyar and Sivan preparing for the Shavuot holiday. All activities took place through ZOOM.

The Rabbinical Centre of Europe invested a great deal of thought in how to adjust activities during the lockdown of Corona, to a variety of ages aiming to provide a fun yet educational program and leaving a taste for more. The best professionals were recruited for the mission. Miss Nachmi Miara facilitated the series of activities presented to the children. Mrs. Naama Oishie assisted in technical aspects.

The first event before Shavuot consisted of a Torah Rally presented by Hasidic actor Rabbi Michael Veigel, who marvelously described the holiday using his specially designed puppets that he used in March. Despite the age gap, all the children enjoyed the show and at some stage even began to dance through the computer screens in honor of receiving the Torah.

The older children enjoyed storytelling and conversation with Hasidic author Rabbi Zalman Roderman who captivated the audience as he adapted the messages to the variety of ages, thus all the children were completely entertained. Roderman was thoroughly impressed at the high level shown by the children, and their lucid literacy of Hasidic concepts not typical of children their age. Toward the end of the activity, the RCE staff surprised the Hasidic author, who has published over 30 books to date, when they asked the children to find a book in their house written by Roderman and show it on the computer screen.  Shortly after, the screens were filled with many books. The gesture really moved the writer.

For the energetic children, who like action-packed activity, the RCE presented them an hour with Mrs. Rivka Kadosh, who drummed with children all over Europe. All participants were at home, and together they shook up Europe in honor of the Torah. Mrs. Kadosh incorporated messages from current events combining with drumming in the hope that the Corona will be silenced and disappear from the world without causing damage.

The children star Malkieli Hanukah, together with the RCE staff, staged a special performance for the younger children, although also captivated the older children who enjoyed the Hasidic concepts.

The series of children’s shows initiated by the RCE was concluded by, as stated, a program called ‘The Quiz with a Chasidic Spirit’ presented by Ami Maimon.

The tailored activities for children and teens captivated thousands across Europe and have been praised and complimented by children and parents all over. Rabbi Arie Eidelkop of Montenegro wrote: “Well done, RCE! What a pleasure to be part of an organization that provides so much content. More power to you!” Rabbi Yechiel Biton of Berlin wrote:” The children really enjoyed it! It was awesome! Keep it up! ” Rabbi Yosef Wolff referred to a biblical source to express his satisfaction and added that “The smile will remain on the children’s lips for a long time”.