The Rabbinical Centre of Europe completed a remarkable distribution project of 75,000 Menorahs to 560 Jewish communities in Europe. The project was in cooperation with the Bassad organization run by Rabbi Yehuda Reichman and The European Jewish Association (EJA) Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin. Community Rabbis delivered the menorahs to the residents enabling them to light Chanukah candles in their home.  Small remote cities, far from central Jewish activity, received the Menorah kits as well, thus causing much joy being able to participate in the Mitzvah.

All the Menorahs arrived on time. Each package provided 44 candles for the entire Chanukah holiday. A booklet was attached in different languages to explain and enrich the meaning of Chanukah.

The Mehudar Menorahs aroused the suspicion of the tax department in Ukraine who delayed the distribution. They wanted to know which dealer is exporting all the Menorahs to the Diaspora without tax claims. The RCE received complaints from several communities thinking that they were not part of the distribution. After investigating the situation, an explanation was presented to the tax department and they released the delivery.

All Menorahs reached their destination on time.

The reactions were marvelous. The feedback showed the Rabbis and their communities how important the distribution was.

Some of the feedback:

‘We received the Menorahs Friday before Chanukah, and we are so thankful. Tizku Lemitzvot and achieve the goal of spreading light throughout the world.”

“Thank you so much! We handed out 500 Menorahs thanks to you!”

“Thanks to you, we are able to accomplish projects with our community this year, as opposed to other years that we could not! We are so grateful! ”

Another message was “Your candles and Menorahs are fantastic!