Members of the Rabbinical Council of Europe, part of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe, sent a sharp letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and government ministers protesting “The outrageous allocation of the Southern Wall Plaza to a minority group of Reformers who want to use their failed path and bitter experience to erode the sanctity of this area.”

The letter, signed by 20 of Europe’s most prominent rabbis, states: “This is the only place in the world that has been preserved for thousands of generations as a uniting place that connects the entire Jewish people. Jewish tradition is what has preserved the existence of this holy site as the house of G-d. Jews from all over the world came and continue to come to pour out their hearts in front of the Western Wall stones”.

“This is a bitter attempt by fringe elements to turn this holy site into a mockery, as they seek to forget the words of the holy Torah and desire to uproot anything relating to Jewish tradition. This is a clear and present danger, and will incur very heavy damage.”

“We, the rabbis of Europe, who unfortunately feel the bitter attempts of the Reformers and religious criminals to undermine anything that remotely involves Judaism and tradition trickling down in Europe, firmly demand that anyone who has the power, to step up to protect G-d’s land from strangers.

“The eyes of hundreds of thousands of Jews from European communities are constantly on the Land of Zion, and they pray constantly for the success of efforts to thwart this conspiracy.”

Copies of the letter were sent to the Chief Rabbis of Israel, members of the Chief Rabbinate and Israeli government ministers in a desperate effort to stop the government plans to implement radical changes at the Western Wall Plaza.