As we all know, Europe is undergoing a second wave of the treacherous Covid pandemic. Countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech, Poland, Holland report tens of thousands of verified positive, besides the daunting steep rise in death number, once again breaking records of morbidity and mortality.

The leaders of the major European countries refrain from discussing or declaring a lockdown such as the one enforced last spring. Local politicians as well as experts attempt to impose a new lockdown and believe it will be inevitable if the current measures do not help, especially since it is expected that the pandemic will continue to skyrocket as winter peaks. If they succeed, then lockdown may extend until February.

Consequently, The Rabbinical Centre of Europe and The European Jewish association in cooperation with The BASAD organization, run by CEO Rabbi Yehuda Reichman, are arranging the distribution of 120,000 Channukah kits containing a Channukah Menorah and enough candles to last the entire holiday to light at home. The kits will be sent to thousands of Jewish communities across Europe, including small Jewish communities located a few hours’ drive from Jewish centers, in order to allow every Jew to light Hanukkah candles in his own home yet still publicize the miracle. The project is coordinated by the organization’s Deputy Director General, Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker.

As part of the preparations at the ‘Rabbinical Centre of Europe, The ‘European Jewish Association’ and the BASAD organization plan to perform public candle lighting in various cities, which will be attended by a very small number of Jewish leaders who will light Chanukkah candles, next to non-Jewish leaders who will light the Shamash.

Each of the kits includes a special and designed package, containing 44 candles that will suffice all 8 days of lighting, as well as a short leaflet in different languages ​​with an explanation of the essence of Chanukkah.

Enthusiastic responses from rabbis and members of the Jewish communities have already arrived, exhibiting how necessary and helpful the kits are.

As preparations for the Menorah delivery are on the way, ‘Morasha’ Division of the RCE, led by Deputy Director General Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker, will distribute a unique workshop that will include a multimedia game where children can create the holiday story, and it will include another educational game explaining all you need to know about the menorah and lighting. The kit also includes a special video about the production of oil from the olive till the bottle. Plus, an exciting game for a Chanukkah party.

For the past 5 years, RCE’s ‘Morasha’ division has produced awesome Jewish Holiday workshops for children, adapted for teachers, community Rabbis and educators to self-activate.

Since 2019 the division has distributed workshops tailored to each month. The activity kit has 4 sessions on various topics of the month that include an introductory game, a main activity and a personal craft to create and conclude with. Each set has an interactive animated video in Hebrew, English, French, Russian and German. The materials for the workshops include instruction booklets that incorporate content of all the activities that the leaders can do for the children.

A skilled team translates the material into different languages ​​(English, French, German and Russian) , as managers  Mrs. Naama Oishi and Mrs. Mushka Mendelson produce all the various materials and create together a kit that will suit the Jewish children in Europe.

The kits are used by thousands of children of all ages at Sunday School and Jewish schools, as well as educational activities conducted by Rabbis and Rebbetzins of the various Jewish communities in Europe. The kits are available in Hebrew, English, French, Russian and German.

The Chairman of the “Rabbinical Centre of Europe ” and the “European Jewish Association” Rabbi Menachem Margolin said that these kits cause preparation for Jewish holidays throughout Europe, and encourage and help Jewish communities, as they all feel very lonely due to the pandemic that disable them to leave their homes.

Rabbi Arie Goldberg, Director General of the RCE, noted that the early preparations for the holiday are indeed a tremendous assistance and cause the light to spread amongst the Jewish communities all over Europe.