Entrepreneur Rami Levi continues to pull rabbits out of his hat as he committed himself to an unprecedented donation in bulk, cost, and creativity while invaluable. He will distribute pairs of Tefillin to disadvantaged European Jews, who haven’t the opportunity to obtain Tefillin.

The news of the contribution caused excitement in many Jewish families in the world, knowing that the men in their family will be able to put on their own Tallit and Tefillin every day from then on.

According to the bulletin advertised by the Rabbinical Centre of Europe, any Jew that does not possess a Tallit and Tefillin can appeal to his community Rabbi. The Rabbi will then fill in the application supplied by the RCE, and after the committee’s approval, he will receive the Tefillin grant.

Each pair of Tefillin cost thousands of shekel, compounded by hundreds of pairs of tefillin, and totals over a million shekel for this monumental donation.

The Tefillin will be distributed to every community that submits a request for 2 Jews participating in the community and still have not A Tallit and tefillin in their possession

The distribution is limited to 2 pairs per community thus preventing a rush on orders and allowing the Tefillin to reach its accurate destination. The pairs of tefillin will be consigned to the community Rabbi following his declaration that 2 specific Jews from his community will commit to putting on Tefillin every day from now on.

Entrepreneur Rami Levi initiated the distribution precisely at the present, as European countries return to routine and at the encouragement of the Director-General of the RCE, Rabbi Arie Goldberg, who desired to establish a memorial for Rabbi Binyamin Wolff O.B.M. Shaliach from Hanover Germany who passed away a month and a half ago after battling the Covid-19 for many weeks.

Mr. Rami Levi has an extensive resume with the Rabbinical Centre of Europe for 13 years has been massively supporting the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Journey for European youth in Israel.

The Rabbi of ‘Rami Levi chain stores’ Rabbi Maimon Avitan, joined in with Rabbi Goldberg by advising Mr. Rami Levi to participate in this extortionary Mitzvah.

This is how the historical Tefillin distribution to European Jewry became a reality.


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