There is not a minute to waste by the ‘Morasha’ division of the RCE. Simultaneously, the division was deeply involved in the Bar-Mitzva trip for 132 European youths, completed Chanukah distribution of Menorahs, and began logistic preparation for packaging and circulation of the Mishloach Manot. As the huge Mishloach Manot cartons were loaded for delivery to dozens of European communities, The Matza project was well in full swing.

Naturally, these are the dynamics of constant concern for providing all the aspects of Judaism to European Communities.

Over 50,000 Mishloach Manot were packaged and distributed by ‘Morasha’ division, as RCE’s Deputy Director General Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker remarkably leads the division. Besides Project Misahloach Manot, the RCE produced stunning educational workshops for children, from which the rabbis and the Rebbetzins could teach the children about all the Mitzvot of Purim. As mentioned above, MIshloach Manot deliveries were added to suit the nature of the crowds receiving them.

Just as Project Purim has amounted to a large scale this year, Project Pesach is on its way. Project Pesach involves matzah distribution and includes a comprehensive kit containing the Mitzvot of Pesach, that will be published in the coming month.