Hundreds of Jewish children in Day Schools, Sunday Schools and afternoon clubs are discovering traditional content in honor of the upcoming Chanukah Holiday. At the present, ‘Morasha’ division of The Rabbinical Center of Europe is in process of distributing educational kits titled “Create the Light” to Jewish European communities.

This is the third kit since the Hebrew year-5780 has begun. The first kit was distributed in Tishrei, containing 4 workshops for the High Holidays, filled with fun and action-packed activities. The Rosh Hashanah workshop included a presentation of symbolic holiday food, a shofar contest and more. Yom Kippur’s workshop educated the group with all the traditional customs displayed in a roulette game. Preparations for the Sukkot festival livened up with Shlumey building a sukkah in an interactive video .The kit concluded with a marvelous Simchat Torah workshop.

The Children had a blast trying to decipher the secret code in the Cheshvan kit called “About Time” .The kit dealt with aspects of time while enriching the children with Jewish concepts about Shabbat and the Jewish calendar. The players participating in a multimedia contest, were presented with Torah stories and raced in a game called ‘The daily schedule of a Jew’.

At the present, distribution of the Kislev kit is in process. It contains an interactive multimedia contest where players create the Chanukah story and learn about the Menorah and lighting with the Candle game. The kids increase their knowledge by viewing an exciting video about producing olive oil from olives all the way to the finished product. The kit concludes with a game for a Chanukah party.

For the past 4 years, ‘Morasha’ division of the RCE has distributed incredible children’s kits in time for the Jewish holidays. The kits are activated by teachers, community Rabbis and educators, for the benefit of nurturing and exposing Jewish children to their heritage.

Since 5779 the division has supplied kits containing 4 workshops tailored to every month. Each workshop begins with an introductory game, main activity and concludes with a personal craft or worksheet. In addition, the workshops contain an interactive animated video translated into Hebrew, English, French, Russian and German.

The workshop material is distributed with the support of the ‘ Meromin’ foundation. The kit includes an instruction booklet as a guide for the leader.

Professional translators (English, French, German and Russian) prepared the material for the convenience of the facilitator, enabling smooth performance.

Community Rabbis, teachers, educators’ etc. have reciprocated with warm positive feedback. The children are very enthusiastic about the Kislev workshops and it is not surprising since the professional and skilled staff run by Rebbetzin Naama Oishy and Rebbetzin Mushka Mendelzon, toil and sift for quality content, prioritizing educational material for the Jewish youth in the Diaspora.

Thousands of children in Sunday schools and Jewish Day Schools benefit from the educational activities and workshops. Jewish European Community Rabbis and Rebbetzins deliver the workshops marketed in Hebrew, English, French, Russian and German.