As Shavuos approaches, the Morasha division of RCE, with the assistance of the ‘Meromin’ foundation, has created an exclusive workshop for children, by the name ‘ 613 Mitzvah Rocketship’. The workshop educates children with the latest and fascinating style exposing them to concepts such as Matan Torah, the Torah as a way of life full of morals and principals, just in time for Shavuous.

The program lasts for two hours and is designed for various ages, by self-activation of the Community Rabbis or educators. An instruction booklet and all the necessary accessories are included. The instruction booklet contains all the numerous possible activities the leader can perform with the children. Additionally there is a presentation and several attachments for each an activity. The workshops are divided into material for the kids, and are translated into Hebrew, French, German, and Russian, the videos are dubbed with each language.

The program is designed for European elementary schools and Sunday Schools.

The instruction booklet includes the workshops and their content, activities, (depending on the age group), and all the accessories in a clear and specified manner.

The ‘Young Astronaut’ program incorporates an extraordinary and inspiring video on the meaning of Mitzvos along with captivating games and interactive multimedia, concluding with a craft for each and every child. The video shares the latest up to date technology on a very high standard for school education.

‘Naaseh Venishma’ is an interactive workshop containing song, dance and rhythm, inspiring the kids with Am Yisrael’s choice to accept the Torah as opposed to all the nations that oppeosed receiving the Torah and the Mitzvos.

‘Obstacles in Space’ is a multimedia game that displays the essence of Shavuos and explains how the children should prepare for the holiday. ‘The Torah: My Control Center’ is a personal craft kit of the Aseres Hadibros, provided to every participant as a souvenir.

The workshop concludes by distribution of a ‘ Prime and Chosen Jewish Astronaut Certificate’ in honor of a completing a successful 49 day trip in space.

The Mastermind who created the workshops is Mrs. Mushka Mendelson with the assistance of The Morasha division of RCE led by Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin. The video was produced by R’ Doron Hagay from ‘Pnei Melech’ company.

RCE’s Director General Rabbi Arie Goldberg informed that as a result of the success and positive feedback from the past programs of the High Holidays, Chanukah, Tu Bishvat, Purim and Pesach implemented in the Jewish Elementary and Sunday schools, the Shavuos program was designed. The reactions are remarkably encouraging and that proves that we achieved our goal. “It is heartwarming to know that thousands of Jewish children from Israel and the Diaspora receive the same professional, productive, exciting program  that was produced by an experienced team in the field of children’s programs” Rabbi Goldberg remarked.