• The sessions focus on Elementary and Sunday schools, Children’s clubs, Rosh Chodesh parties and more.
  • The series contains 10 monthly workshops starting Tishrei till Sivan.
  • Every workshop is divided into 4 sessions that include an introduction, main activity, and a craft. Each session can be held from an hour and a half to two hours.
  • The High Holidays month workshop will be enlarged with media and a wide array of fun-filled activities.
  • An instruction pamphlet is included to assist the leader, and is translated into Russian, Hebrew, French and English.
  • The kits are designed for children ranging from 6-14
  • All materials such as the accessories, activities, and media are virtual, sent through ‘Google Drive’.
  • The kits are submitted a month in advance, on every Rosh Chodesh.
  • The price of each monthly kit is 36 Euro.


Methods of Payment:

1.      Make a one-time payment of only 36 Euro! Receive a bonus! The Animated film of ‘The Town of the Year’!

2.       3 Month subscription: Order the first three months: Tishrei, Cheshvan and Kislev and receive a free introductory kit that includes a stunning video explaining how to launch the workshops, detailed instruction booklet, personal annual gadgets, city infrastructure stickers, and a wall activity poster that will accompany the group throughout the whole year.

3.      Year subscription: Bonus! Purchase 9 monthly kits of “The City of the Year” and receive the 10th month free!

♣ Bonus is for all those that accumulate 9 months.

Join us for a spectacular Jewish Educational Experience and build ‘The City of the Year’!

For further details, contact the RCE office.