A New Innovative Educational Workshop for Tu Bishvat is presently being distributed, focusing on children and youth, produced by the Morasha division of RCE, headed by Deputy Director-General Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker who has much success in generating popular concepts. The workshop title is “Unlock the Bar code’, simulating a fascinating educational excursion to the different departments in the supermarket. It can be purchased with all its accessories in Hebrew, English, French, Russian, and German.

The kit contains 4 units connected to Tu Bishvat, guessing the theme, main activity and concludes with a personal craft.

“At the Checkout” is the title of a section that consists of several stands presenting various intriguing and entertaining activities concerning the four Minim. Additional topics such as Birkos Hanehenin and Kosher signs in animals have been included, as was a unique workshop in Bal Tashchis and Ecology.

The distributed workshop is the fifth in the series ‘City of the Year’, produced by the ‘Morasha’ division of RCE and is designed for educators and community Rabbis to Do-It-Yourself.  The workshop accessories are distributed with the assistance of ‘Keren Miromim’ and include an instruction booklet that contains all the possible workshops the leader can perform for the children.

The ‘Brains’ behind all the workshops are Mrs. Nama Oishi, a Shlucha residing 8 years in Kaluga, Russia and Mrs. Mushie Mendelson, a young shlucha that arrived last year in Batumi, Georgia. They are the team that creates and formulate all the ideas. As a result of their tremendous feedback and fantastic success, they decided to accept the challenge. Starting Rosh Hashanah תשע”ט monthly activity kits containing specific material per month will be available for purchasing. The kit can be acquired  through RCE.