Dozens of European Rabbis participated in a halachic course regarding the Jewish Home, in Neimichen, Holand.  RCE initiated and organized the course that was presented by Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Raskin dayan of the Lubavitch community in London, U.K. and a member of The Rabbinical council of Europe, HaGaon Rabbi Moshe Shlezinger Rabbi of” Maane Simcha” in Jerusalem and chairmen  of the “Pri Chaim” organization, and Dr. Eli Schussheim, Director of Agudat “Efrat”. All who shared their boundless expertise and knowledge concerning the theme.Rabbi of Neimichen, Rabbi Mendel Levin, hosted the course with the joint effort of “Keren Meromim ,”s chairman Rabbi Bentzion Liipsker of Petersburg , Russia.

Hagaon Rabbi Eliezer Wolf Ga’vad Amsterdam delivered a fascinating Halachic sermon combining addressed issues related to the Jewish Home, raising discussion concerning the response with the Rabbis present. Dr. Eli Schussheim portrayed several stories that happened in the ‘Efrat’ organization he leads. For example, during one of his treatments of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv Zatzal, he mentioned that there are Chareidi people that claim he is at fault of bringing sick children to the world. The Grish Eliashiv was appalled and said “Chas Vesholem”. You must continue to save Jewish lives “. I asked him if he will write me an acknowledgement, and he agreed and the Dr. presented the attentive audience with the signed letter of acknowledgment that included secular Jews as well, even Mamzerim.

An evening of Chizuk was assembled in honor of the Jewish community with the participation OF Hagaon Rabbi Binyomin Yakabs Director of the Vaad Rabbanim of Holand and member of The Rabbinical council of Europe.

RCE Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin stated that the course congregated simultaneously with several other functions initiated by RCE in various countries presenting the latest agenda.

Director General of RCE Rabbi Arie Goldberg stated that the course is merely one of the numerous functions provided by RCE for the benefit of the European community Rabbis.

Participants expressed their appreciation to their host Rabbi Mendel Levine, as to RCE’s Deputy Director-General Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker, who logistically produces superb functions, ensuring  every detail , and Rabbi Avraham Abba Turetzky, Secretary of ‘The Rabbinical Council of Europe ‘, who invested much time and effort to make the event a success.