How do we kasher the gas burners in Baal Teshuva’s residence? A Stove that consists of 2 ovens, can we use one for Fleshig and one for MIlchig? If yes, Can we use both simultaneously? Can self-cleaning ovens reaching 300 degrees be changed from Fleshig to Milchig frequently? How do we kasher a treif Microwave?

Can a Fleshig microwave be used for milchigs with 2 coverings?

Questions as these, and many more came up through the WhatsApp group of “questions and answers provided by RCE” during the shiur and Halachic ruling given by Hagaon Rabbi Pinchas Leibush Padva , member of The Rabbinical Council Of Europe.

The WhatsApp group of “questions and answers provided by RCE”. All Rabbis of RCE can belong to the group, which was launched due to popular demand to create a platform for Halachic decisions.

The request was submitted during the most recent RCE conference by Director General Rabbi of RCE Rabbi Arie Goldberg and Deputy Director General of RCE Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker. The council approved of creating the new platform, confirming active co-operation, by replying to questions and participating in discussions. RCE reached a conclusion to implement a class every month based on the Rabbis requests.

Numerous questions were presented, asked by European Rabbis.  Hagaon Rabbi Pinchas Leibush Padvah opened with a concise Halachic introduction of Kashrus in relative’s homes, then replied to every one of the submitted questions and concluded by thanking RCE for investing time and effort in this invaluable initiative.

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