The yearning for an authentic Jewish lifestyle seems to encompass all levels of our brethren, even in distant places and lands where the light of Torah has not illuminated for many years. And when Jews want to establish full Jewish lives, the first thing they need is purity. Yet the essential facilities of a Mikvah are not always available. Hard as it is to believe, a severe shortage of Mikvaos has surfaced in many areas throughout Europe. Appeals reaching the offices of the RCE from Rabbanim in many lands indicate a severe lack of Mikvaos in Europe: there are cities where tens of thousands of Jews live – and yet these do not have even one Mikvah!

The staff of the Mikvaos Dept. of the RCE considers their project of building dozens of. new Mikvaos of utmost importance and have made it their highest priority. The Centre has taken upon itself the financial burden and has begun to solicit the funds necessary for establishing new Mikvaos, as well as renovating old Mikvaos and restoring them to use.

Activities surrounding the project are being organised by the staff of the Mikvaos Dept at the Centre, headed by Dayan Yisroel Yaakov Lichtenstein, Rov of the London Federation of Synagogues. The staff is busy preparing construction plans for dozens of Mikvaos to be built – even within the year. Rabbi Meir Posen, worldwide expert on Mikvaos, will oversee the construction of these Mikvaos in accordance with strict Halachah and all its intricacies.