The Mikvaos Dept. of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe, headed by Rabbi Yisroel Yaakov Lichtenstein, Head of the Federation of Synagogues Beis Din (Jeish Court), and member of presidency of European Committee of Rabbis, will shortly begin construction of two new Mikvaos, under the supervision of the Mikvaos expert, Rabbi Meir Posen. One will be in Vinnitsa, the other in Krauverug – both in Ukraine.

The Rabbinical Centre of Europe will help finance the construction of the Mikvaos, besides being responsible for halachic supervision throughout the construction.

Rabbi Y.Y. Lichtenstein and Rabbi Meir Posen plan to leave this month to head a team of experts who will make a tour of Mikvaos among Jewish communities in Germany.

Concurrently, the Mikvaos Dept. continues with the renovating of existing Mikvaos, as part of the project announced by the RCE last year.

To file a request for financing the construction of a Mikvah, please contact Rabbi Avraham Abba Turetsky, Manager of Mikvaos Dept. at the RCE Jerusalem branch.