In November 2023, another course was held in London to train dozens of rabbis how to conduct chuppah and kiddushin. The objective of the RCE was to serve the Jewish communities throughout Europe in various ways.

This course was the fourteenth of its kind organized by the RCE in recent years. It was presented by the esteemed Rabbi Eliyahu Bar Shalom, Chief Rabbi of Bat Yam, and author of the renowned series Mishpat Haketubah. Throughout the course, Rabbi Bar Shalom shared his extensive knowledge of the intricate halachot of arranging chuppah and kiddushin.

Dozens of rabbis from communities across England and Europe participated in this special course. Through the program, the rabbis enhanced their expertise in the complex halachot related to chuppah and kiddushin. Following the completion of the course, they are now able to apply this knowledge, and can arrange and conduct weddings according to halachah.

Prominent rabbis from across Europe, including Rabbi Shraga Feivel Zimmerman, the rabbi and Av Beit Din of the Federation in England, and Rabbi Levi Raskin, Dayan and Posek for the Lubavitch Community and Kedassia – London, England, shared profound lessons on chuppah and kiddushin laws. They engaged in discussions with course participants, and offered insights into various legal aspects.

Rabbi Asaf Portal, the rabbi of the Heichal Leah community in Hendon, London, graciously hosted the highly popular course. Rabbi Portal, a prominent figure among the local rabbinate, warmly welcomed the participating rabbis, ensuring they had a comfortable environment to delve into the intricacies of the laws of chuppah and kiddushin.