An impressive inauguration event was held on January 2 in Bucharest, Romania, to mark the opening of a new chesed center. The center is part of a larger project to open many chesed centers across Europe that will provide medical assistance and equipment to thousands of Jewish residents.

The inauguration of the Chesed Center was attended by public figures and rabbis who praised the many charitable activities of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe. Israel’s Ambassador to Romania, Mr. David Saranga, and the Commissioner of Romania’s National Emergency Department Dr. Riyad Arafat, were honored at the ceremony.

Participants at the event were able to view firsthand the activities of the new chesed center in Bucharest. The center will lend the residents advanced medical equipment and baby equipment and will provide clothing for the needy.

The head of Romania’s National Emergency Department and the corona commissioner surprised participants when he assured the leaders of the RCE that he would promote cooperation between the local health ministry and the local chesed Bucharest. According to him, the Ministry of Health will promote professional cooperation with the center, which provides medical assistance to thousands of people.

The special event was held under the auspices of Rabbi Naftali Deutsch, Chabad shaliach in Romania, Rabbi Arie Goldberg, Director General of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe and Rabbi Yossi Bainhaker, Deputy Director General of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe.