The ‘Rabbinical Centre of Europe’ dispatched a delegation led by Director General Rabbi Arie Goldberg, Deputy Director General Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker and Secretary of the Rabbinical Council Rabbi Avraham Aba Torezki to inaugurate memorial monuments for mass graves in the city of Vinnitsa and in the town of Chervoni near Berdychiv. The tombstones were inaugurated during a tour amidst observing the impressive development of the Jewish communities.

Rabbi Yisrael Meir Gabay, who heads the ‘Ohalei Tzadikim’ Association, uncovered the mass graves hidden in the forests where no humans stepped for decades. Rabbi Gabay has been working in locating and rehabilitating Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Europe, for many years.

Holocaust survivors and their descendants told hair-raising stories about the horrid cruelty and abuse of the Nazis and their aides when they led them tens of miles in the cold and snow, with the rest of their family. Among others, the son of a Holocaust survivor, Mr. Felix Zimmerman, told the story about his mother, Mrs. Rosa Roth, who saw how they killed her husband and little baby along with the rest of her family.

She later remarried to Alexander Zimmerman and her son Felix was born. Before she passed away, she asked for one wish – to place pictures of her husband and little son along with the rest of the family in her grave since they were not buried in a proper Jewish burial!

The memorial events were attended by large crowds with their leading rabbis. All praised the special initiative of commemorating the Jews of the Holocaust who have no proper tombstone and expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the Chairman of the “Rabbinical Centre of Europe” Rabbi Menachem Margolin for his massive support for all the various projects.