Another course in the laws of the Jewish home was held in Bratislava, Slovakia, last week. The course, initiated and funded by the Rabbinical Center of Europe, was attended by dozens of Rabbanim from across Europe and the Former Soviet Union. Is it part of a series of halachic and professional courses that the RCE organizes as part of its yearly programs. The course took place under the direction of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Raskin, a dayan on the Kedassia Bais Din in London and a member of the Rabbinical Council of Europe. The keynote speaker was Rabbi Emmanuel Tehillah, who delivered a number of lectures throughout the conference. Among many other issues, the Rabbanim also discussed reaching out to young couples to draw them closer to Torah and mitzvos.

The course was hosted by the Chief Rabbi of Slovakia, Rabbi Baruch Myers.

This past year marked 25 years since he moved to the country and he has been very active in the Jewish community there. The members of the community warmly welcomed the Rabbanim noting that a visit by such eminent Rabbanim from all over Europe was a reason to celebrate. During the conference, the Rabbanim visited the gravesite of the Chasam Sofer, zy”a, whose 180th yahrtzeit was recently marked. The Rabbanim davened and then offered a pledge to continue with the life work of the Chasam Sofer, who was known for his valiant battle against the Maskilim, and to increase Jewish activity among the younger members of the Jewish communities where they serve.

The course culminated with a special evening at the ancient shul in Bratislava-Pressburg, attended by the leaders of the Jewish community, the mayor and Israel’s ambassador to the country.