Over one hundred Jewish girls and boys from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, France, and other countries will arrive in Israel in the beginning of Adar for a unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah journey. Their trip will be organized by the “Morashah” division of the Rabbinical Center of Europe. It is the 19th consecutive trip of this kind.

The staff of Morashah, a division of RCE, is very active in Jewish communities – especially small ones – throughout eastern and western Europe. The goal is to introduce a Jewish identity to children who do not have the privilege of feeling Shabbos or weekdays like Jews, because they do not live in a Jewish environment. Morashah does this by organizing activities throughout the year, especially around the Yamim Tovim.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience in Israel is the program’s flagship project, and is the culmination of a three month education program. The group will visit holy sites throughout Israel, giving them a unique opportunity to deepen their ties with Jewish tradition and life in Israel. The highlight of the tour was when they celebrated a Bar /Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel.

The entire program was planned with an emphasis on experiences that would leave an impression on the youths for a long time to come.

Rabbis and notable personalities understand the magnitude of the trip. Last year government officials, Knesset Member Yuli Edelstein, Minister of Health Rabbi Yaakov Litzman hosted representatives of the children and during the trip the group met with Deputy Minister of finance Rabbi Yitzhak Cohen from Shas and Chairman of the finance committee Knesset member Rabbi Moshe Gafni from Degel Hatorah.

This year, as a result of the positive feedback, the RCE will launch a contest on the material in the booklet that was distributed to all the participants. The winners will receive valuable gifts.