Over One Hundred Jewish youths from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, France and other European countries are scheduled to arrive in Israel in Adar Alef,  framework of the unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah week-long journey , where the group will visit the Holy sites throughout Israel, headed by Morasha, a division of RCE, for the tenth consecutive year.

Facilitating events within vast Jewish communities, The Morasha staff, a division of RCE prioritizes in small populated cities in Europe. The staff introduces Jewish identity to the youth through yearly activities, emphasizing holidays.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah expedition to Israel is the flagship. It incorporates a Jewish education program for 3 months, concluding with a week in Israel. The journey was implemented by Morasha, a division of RCE. Rabbi Yosef Bainhaker is the Deputy Director General of RCE and head of this division. He stated that throughout the journey, the group will visit many locations and holy sites. The highlight will be the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel, with the participation of Rabbis and public personalities.

As opposed to other Jews that see and breathe Shabbos and Holidays, the youth that participate in the trip have no exposure to Judaism due to the fact that they don’t live in a Jewish environment. The Chairman of RCE Rabbi Menachem Margolin said that “The children will celebrate their pathway to Mitzvas in Israel .The Journey will bond them with Torah, Eretz Yisrael and Hakadosh Baruch Hu.”

Prior traveling to Israel, the kids will have learned 2 pamphlets named “Chain of generations” with their counselors, produced especially for them, to introduce them with their Jewish Identity, Jewish history, and their special features. In conclusion, each child summarizes what they absorbed in their language.

The pamphlets were translated into languages according to the youths’ origins. (English, Russian, French, German, Bulgarian, etc.), and raised discussion amongst the children and their parents, resulting in requests from parents to be part of the Jewish education and learn Jewish History from the pamphlets. Director-General of RCE, Rabbi Arie Goldberg, stated that as a result of the enthusiastic reactions of the parents, RCE decided on hosting a competition on the pamphlets material, rewarding the winners with exclusive prizes.