The Rabbinical Centre of Europe, in cooperation with ” Tzofia Halichot Beita’ organization and ‘Askila’ Centre is offering a professional training course for Rabbis in Europe. The course will provide guidance how to maintain family purity for those who do not keep Torah and mitzvot


The course is a breakthrough for Rebbetzins and Rabbis throughout Europe, who are involved in the preparation of marriage for young couples. The course provides guidance in the preservation of Taharat Hamishpacha for those who do not observe the Torah.

The aim of the course is to provide Rebbetzins and Rabbis professional tools that include the medical, halachic, psychological and ideological aspects, all from the best lecturers.

The course will also deal with marketing and communicating tools how to persuade couples to keep Taharat Hamiashacha, and how to deal when only one of the spouses is willing to keep Taharat Hamishpacha

At the end of the course, a joint certificate will be given by the ‘Rabbinical Centre of Europe’, Askila ‘ Centre and ” Tzofia Halichot Beita’ organization


Topics studied:

The privilege and the responsibility /Psychology /Intimacy | Communication /Halacha and Hashkafa / Prohibitions of Nida / Hefsek Tahara and seven clean days /Second marriage  / Medical research support of Taharat Mishpacha | Refering questions to the Rav| Locating victims of assault and intentional guidance | Immersion and Chatztitza | Between him and her | Taharat Hamishpacha for  unmarried couples | Bridal Laws In Different Situations/ First hand experiences – Responsa | Anatomy and Physiology

Couse Speakers:

Couse Speakers:

  • Rabbi Shlomo Halpern – rabbi of Tel- Aviv Chabad community and ‘Machon Halacha Chabad’
  • Prof. Chanoch Maidovnick – Psychiatrist Specialist and head of the department at the Mental Health Center – Beer Sheva.
  • Dr. Avion Zagori – Family physician at Clalit Health Fund and specializes in marital issues
  • Dr. Chana Katan – Gynecologist, author, and established the invitro fertilization unit at the Laniado Medical Center in Kiryat Sanz- Netanya.
  • Rabbi Yakov Feldman – Psychologist and educational consultant
  • Mrs. Yonina Flanberg – Coordinator of the religious and ultra-Orthodox sector at the Center for Assistance to Victims of Sexual Assault
  • Rabbi Yoel Baitz – Rabbi of the “Beit Menachem’ Synogogue and Shaliach of the Rebbe in Rishon Letzion
  • Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Raskin – Dayan and Posek in London and a member of the Rabbinical Council in Europe
  • Rabbi Binyamin David – Rabbi and Posek in the Puah organization
  • Dr. Nitai Melamed – Psychotherapist and individual and couple therapist
  • Rabbi Shlomo Diskin – Rabbi of KKKblgbiugiugKiryat Ata city
  • Mrs. Esther Piekarsky – (for women) – Educator and Shaliach Chabad in Tel Aviv.
  • Rebbetzin Bruria Ashkenazi (for women).



Equipment required for the course:

Computer with Internet and zoom software

Camera and microphone

Quiet learning environment

Notebook, pen and markers.

Number of sessions: 12 double sessions + exam session.

Dates: Mondays from the 4th of Tammuz – 22 Elul 5771

Hours: 20:00 – 22:30 Israel time.


Conditions for receiving the certificate:

Full participation in all sessions and a score of over 85 in the final Halachic exam.


Course Fees:

250 Euros for registration up to 26th of Sivan | After that 300 Euros.

Special price for couples:

Only 450 euros! Until 26th Sivan | After that 500 euros per couple

Test price: 50 Euro/ person


Nechami Miara

  • The exam will be composed by Rabbi Halpern – Halachic lecturer.
  • The material for the exam will be given at the beginning of the course.
  • For the benefit of English speakers, the final exam will be translated into English.
  • The certificates will be sent by email approximately two months after the course ends and in registered mail up to six months from the date of the exam.