“The MILK AND HONEY Restaurant” – SHVAT kit

In this kit the MARKERS will take the children through the Jewish kitchen. They will taste and learn the Brachot and the seven species special for the land of Eretz Yisrael.

In the first workshop, your group will help Shlumy the cook look for products he needs and learn about the Blessings on food by asking permission from the Lord.

The second workshop consists of a challenging contest where the kids will set the table and collect separate sets of dishes for dairy and meat.

The third workshop includes a multimedia video that will present the ‘Milk and Honey Restaurant’ and will teach the children why we celebrate Tu Bishvat. In conclusion they will learn how a human is parallel to a tree.

In the fourth workshop, we will travel through the 4 holy cities land of Israel.

Accessories are attached.


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The Rabbinical Centre of Europe – Morasha Division


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What's in the kit?

Designated for delivery in Sunday Schools, Hebrew schools, group activities etc.

Contains 4 sessions divided into 2 activities.

Consist of High-quality Jewish themes, carefully selected activities, fun-filled games, and the latest media.

Child-friendly, eye-catching material.

Instruction workbook included for coordinator

Translated into English, Hebrew, Russian, French and German

Conveniently arranged by monthly themes.

Sessions are timeless, use upon choice.

Once purchased, all you need to do is read and gather the group!

Instant Jewish education by pressing a button!

Common Questions and answers

The workshops are designed for any Rabbi/Rebbetzin , Principal, Headmistress, Shaliach/a, who is in charge of creating and running programs for Sunday schools or Jewish children's schools of any sort, with a purpose of providing quality Jewish experience connected to the holidays and months of the year.

The age focus is for 6-12 year olds.

Absolutely! Once you acquire the kit, it's yours to activate as many times, people and places of your choice.

The kit is virtual and can be downloaded on line. Once you Login to the site, the kit will be sent directly to your email.

English, Hebrew, Russian, French and German

All parts of the material are translated, including the accessories, dubbed media and instruction booklet. (German excluded).

The workshops include a monthly kit that supplies 4 sessions.
Each session is divided into several activities, such as theme guessing, main assignment, plus every child will receive a workbook featuring the MARKER characters who add knowledge about the session topic s. One wall banner is included to connect all the months, and the other is for hanging the new Hebrew words that they will learn throughout the year. The kit contains games/activities/media accessories and the latest videos that display fun, and entertaining content, all around that month's theme.

Yes. The kits consist of group meetings according to specific themes which allow flexibility for the instructor.

After purchasing the kit, you will see it contains options for all the mentioned languages. The kit is for personal and community use only. Sharing is prohibited.
The kit can be printed for as many children as you wish.

We are here to assist you on any issue. Feel free to contact us at +972584770128.