Morasha Kits

Summer Program 2021

The Virtual Camp Activity Kit.


Every day the children will meet a different neighbor and learn about a variety of exciting Jewish concepts with them.

Attached: Catchy Camp Theme song, Karaoke, Presentation, Supplements for the leader, and accessory list for each day.

The kit contains 10 sessions. 2 Activities per day.

Opening Day-Meet All the Neighbors!

Second day- Athlete- The Daily schedule of A Jew

Third day- Granny- Honoring Parents

Forth Day- Librarian- Stam, Sefer Torah, Mezuzah, Tefillin

Fifth day- Chef- Kashrut, Milky and Meaty, Kosher signs of fish and animals

Sixth Day- Family-Shabbat

Seventh Day- Businessman- Tzedakah

Eighth Day- French Tourist- Love your fellow Jew

Ninth day-Gardener-Brachot

Last Day- Building Committee-Farewell



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Have a Happy and Healthy Summer!

Morasha team

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