Polish Minister of Administration and religious matters, and head of the newly appointed committee to overturn the ban on kosher slaughtering in the country, Michaֵ‚ Jan Boni, has met today with Rabbi Menachem Margolin, General Director of the European Jewish Association (EJA) and informed him of the Polish Governments’ efforts towards preventing the ban on kosher butchering from taking effect in the country.

In the meeting which took place in Poland’s ambassador to the EU, Marek Prawda’s office in Brussels, Minister Boni has thanked specified that there are many legal issues surrounding the Parliament’s ban – among them a contradiction with the Polish “Freedom of Religion law” which is older and subsequently, carries with it more judicial weight.

Moreover, Minister Boni stated that the he has already sent a letter to the Government Legislation Centre in Poland asking for clarifications and he is prepared to take the matter to the country’s Constitutional Tribunal if necessary.

Rabbi Margolin has informed Minister Boni and Ambassador Prawda of the serious implications that the ban can have on world Jewry, and specified the rules of kosher butchering that ensure that it is very much minded to preventing animal suffering.