1. What is the shiur of Matonos Lievyonim nowadays? Who is considered an Evyon?
  2. Who makes the Brachah on Megillah at the women’s reading, if the Baal Koreh was already Yotzei ? Should the Baal Koreh make the Bracha or a woman on “Al Shimias HaMegilah?”
  3. Does the Baal Koreh say the Brachah of Shehecheyanu when reading the Megilah to women? Are women required to have kavonah on the Mitzvos of Purim day?
  4. Is it permissible to send Mishloach Manos with a child if he can’t be a shaliach? Should we be mehader that the sholeach bring it himself?
  5. Those who don’t understand at all the meaning of the Megilah, is it proper to read in a different language? What are the Halachic terms to this? Also, as in special words like Achashdarpanim.
  6. Is there an obligation to drink wine as any Yom Tov and what is the shiur?
  7. Can an’ Onen’ be a Baal Koerei?


Questions like these and many more from online “questions and answers provided by RCE” came up during the shiur given by Hagaon Rabbi Eliyahu Shlezinger, the Rabbi of Gilo neighborhood and the author of books that contain year wide topics. The class lasted for an hour as dozens of questions were presented in the above areas, asked by European Rabbis. Rabbi Shlezinger replied to every one of them.